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The 3½ Minute Folk Dance   By Susan Wickett-Ford

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Dance Behavior Basics for Beginning Folk Dancers by Loui Tucker About Biserka-Bojerka   By Dick Crum
About Dajčovo Horo   By Dick Crum
About Dobrudžanska Rŭka   By Dick Oakes
About Ersko Kolo   By Dick Crum
About Orijent   By Dick Crum
Alcohol and the Dance   By Michael Kuharski
Allure of the Tango   By Richard Duree
Ankle, Foot, and Folk Dance   By Cynthia and Sheldon Berrol
Are You a Dance-aholic?   By Loui Tucker
Argentine Tango   By Ned & Marian Gault
Armenian Dance   By Tom Bozigian
Art and Science of Dance Ethnology   By Richard Duree
Attending Folk Dance Camps   By Jim Rothman

B   (Back to the TOP)

Chris Kermiet Balkan Dances   By Lou Pechi
Basic Steps for Bourées   By Germain and Louise Hebert
Beginners – Behavior Basics   By Loui Tucker
Beginners – Care and Feeding   By Loui Tucker
Beginning Non-Partner Techniques   By Suzanne Rocca-Butler
Beware of Gift Giving Customs in Foreign Lands   Compiled by Dick Oakes
Boys' Night Out in Leadville   By Anthony Shay
Bučimiš   By Richard Unciano
Building a Dance Community   By Chris Kermiet
Building the Folk Dance Archive, Part 1   By Ron Houston
Building the Folk Dance Archive, Part 2   By Ron Houston
Building the Folk Dance Archive, Part 3   By Ron Houston
Building the Folk Dance Archive, Part 4   By Ron Houston
Bulgaria and Its Dances   By Michel Cartier
Bulgarian Dance   By Jaap Leegwater
Buy Their CDs!   By Lou Pechi

C   (Back to the TOP)

Lia and Theodore Vasilescu Character of Romanian Dance   By Theodor and Lia Vasilescu
Checklist for Folk Dance Teachers   By Dick Oakes
Choreogeography: America - Ragtime to Swing   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: American Vintage   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Balkan Adriatic Coast   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Bavarian Schuhplattler   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Bulgaria   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Czech Republic and Slovakia   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Greece   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Hungary   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Poland   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Romania   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Scandinavia   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Spain   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Transylvania   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: Turkey   By Richard Duree
Choreogeography: What is it?   By Richard Duree
Clogging Glossary   By Greg Lund
Club Organization   By Dick Oakes
Coffee Houses 1970   By L.A. Magazine
Cohanim   By Lou Pechi
Contra Dance   By Richard Duree
Contra Dance Background   By Ralph Page
Contradanza   By Richard Duree
Costumes   By Dick Crum
Costumes of Montenegro   By Richard Duree
Costumes of Moravia   By Richard Duree
Country Dances of Ireland   By Danny Hathaway
Country Western Tips and Suggestions   By Jeff O'Connor
Couple Dancing   By Bev Wilder
Course in Balkan Dancing   By Lou Pechi
Cowboy Waltz   By Richard Duree
Cretan Affair   By Athan Karras
Cretan Passion for Dance   By Athan Karras
Csárdás   By Richard Duree
Csárdás and Verbunk   By Alice Reisz

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Ada Dziewanowska Dance in the Old West   By Richard Duree
Dance Tips   By Richard Duree
Dances of the Victorian Old West   By Richard Duree
Dances of Poland   By Ada Dziewanowskaé
Dances of Pontos, Greece   By Nikos Savvidis
Dancing in Greece   By Athan Karras
Dancing in Your Heart   By Lou Pechi
Dancing Seems Faster   By Lou Pechi
Decline and Resurrection of International Folk Dance   Compiled by Dick Oakes
Dick Crum Culture Session, 1979   Submitted by Carol McGinn
Dick Crum Culture Session, 1980   Submitted by Carol McGinn
Dick Crum Culture Session, 1981   Submitted by Carol McGinn

E   (Back to the TOP)

Ron Houston Early California Fandango   By Richard Duree
East is East and West is West   By Ron Houston
English as the Preferred European Language   By A. Nony Mous
English Country Dancing   By Marianne Taylor
English is Tough Stuff   Courtesy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
English Dance Terms   By Tom Kruskal
Enjoy Dancing   By Lou Pechi
Enjoy the Taste   By Lou Pechi
Enrich Your Dance   By Richard Duree
Ethnic Dances of Greece   By John Pappas
Evolution of English Ballroom Dance Style   By Richard Powers

F   (Back to the TOP)

Jan Rayman 2017 Federation Survey, 2016   By Marshall Cates
Field Theory of Dance   By Michael Kuharski
Folk Dance Categories and Their Problems   By Dick Crum
Folk Dance Etiquette   By Dick Oakes
Folk Dance Etiquette   By Lou Pechi
Folk Dance Etiquette   By Richard Powers
Folk Dance for Health   By Rick Allen
Folk Dance in North America   By Vyts Beliajus
Folk Dance Situation   By Vyts Beliajus
Folk Dance T-Shirts   Lou Pechi
Folk Dance Tips   By Juneau International Folkdancers
Folk Dance Traditions of Ireland   Danny Hathaway
Folk Dances from Scandinavia   Anta Ryman
Foothill Folk Dancers: A Learning Experience for All   Jan Rayman
Forms of Folk Dance Description Notation   By Dick Oakes

Richard Unciano G   (Back to the TOP)

Gankino, Kopanica, and More in 11/16   By Richard Unciano
Greek Costume   By Athan Karras
Greek Dance: An Ancient Link – A living Heritage   By Athan Karras
Greek Dance   By Athan Karras
Greek Dance and Music   By Athan Karras
Greek Dance Then and Now and It's Relation to Orff-Schulwerk   By Athan Karras
Greek Dance Thrives   By Athan Karras
Greek Folk Music and Dance   By Athan Karras
Greek Traditions in Music and Dance   By Athan Karras

H   (Back to the TOP)

Kálmán Magyar 1979 Happy Music Making   By Lou Pechi
Hints on Teaching Contras   By Grace Wolf
Historical Notes on the Swedish Bakmes   By Gordon Tracie
Historical Notes on the Swedish Gammal Schottis   By Gordon Tracie
Historical Notes on the Swedish Hambo   By Gordon Tracie
Historical Notes on the Swedish Polska   By Gordon Tracie
Historical Notes on the Swedish Polska (an Advance Word)   By Gordon Tracie
Historical Notes on Some Swedish Dances   By Gordon Tracie
History of Ragtime Dance   By Richard Powers
History of the Armenian Dance   By Gary and Susan Lind-Sinanian
Hokey Pokey   By Jeff Brechlin
Horo, Hora, Oro, Kolo   By Vyts F. Beliajus
How Folk Dancing Grew   By Ron Houston
How I Made a Macedonian Kaval   By Melissa Miller
How to Build a Bulgarian or Macedonian Kaval   By Mike Slama
How to Make a Large Macedonian Tapan   By Dave Golber
How to Start a Folk Dance Club   By Bruce Botelho
How to Start a Folk Group   By Dave Slater
Hula   By Merilyn Gentry and Nora Nuckles
Hungarian Dance Names   By Andor Czompo
Hungarian Dance Steps   By Andor Czompo
Hungarian Dance Terms   Compiled by Dick Oakes
Hungarian Folk Dance Types and Dialects   By Kálmán Magyar

I   (Back to the TOP)

Athan Karras I Met Esma   By Lou Pechi
I Want to Hold Your Hand   By Donna Frankel
Improving Your Club's Business Meeting   By Dick Oakes
Improving Your Folk Dancing   By Dick Oakes
Individual in Greek Dance   By Athan Karras
Inner Joy of Yugoslav Dancing   By Dick Oakes
International Folk Dance Rhythms   By Dick Oakes
Interview with Schlomo Bachar   By Jovana
Interview with Glenn Bannerman   By Jovana
Interview with Sunni Bloland   By Esther Mosse Mann
Interview with Tom Bozigian   By Jovana
Interview with Dick Crum   By Jovana
Interview with Andor Czompo   By Jovana
Interview with Mihai David   By Jovana
Interview with Germain Hébert   By Jovana
Interview with Jerry Helt   By Jovana
Interview with Graham Hempel   By Jovana
Interview with Roo Lester   By Karen Bennett
Interview with Yves Moreau 1974   By Jovana
Interview with Yves Moreau 2013   By Jovana
Interview with Dick Oakes 1978   By Vonnie Brown
Interview with Bruce Taylor 1974   By Leslie "Jovana" Pryne Wolf
Introduction to Swedish Dance   By Gordon Tracie
Israeli Steps   By Israel Yakovee
Is That Dance Israeli?   By Loui Tucker
Isn't it Too Bad that the Old Dances are Dying Out?   By Dick Crum
Its Easy   By Patrick McMonagle

J   (Back to the TOP)

Gordon Ekvall Tracie Jämtländsk Bakmes Step from Kall, Jämtland   By Gordon Tracie

K   (Back to the TOP)

Rubi Vuceta Kolo   By Rubi Vučeta
Kolo, Some Background   By Dick Crum
Krasi's Art'   Kris Marino

L   (Back to the TOP)

Sanna Longden 2002 Last Bastion of the Skirt   By Connie and Marianne Taylor
Leader in Greek Dance   By Athan Karras
Learning to Folk Dance   Courtesy of IFD, Lawrence, KS
Let's Bring Folks Back to Recreational Folk Dancing   By Sanna Longden
Ličko Kolo   By Dick Crum
Life is Dancing   By Lou Pechi
Lil' History on Folk Dancin'   By Rudy Dannes

M   (Back to the TOP)

Steve Kotansky 2008 - Photo by Sylvia Stallings Macedonian Dances of Promahi   By Dennis Boxell
Many Facets of Folk/Ethnic Dance   By Richard Duree
Mezöségi Táncok   By Steve Kotansky
Motif Analysis in Ethnic Dance Research   By Richard Duree
Murphy's Law for Folk Dancers   By Forrest Holroyd
Mysterious Age-Old Zurna   By Bora Özkoök

N   (Back to the TOP)

Alix Cordray National Folk Organization   By Mary Bee Jensen
National Geographic Magazine Folklore Index 1914-1997   By Richard Duree
Norwegian Dance   By Alix Cordray

O   (Back to the TOP)

Lou Pechi On the Dancing and Teaching of the Swedish Hambo   By Gordon Tracie
Origin of Misirlou   By Ron Houston
Our Folk Dance Universe   By Lou Pechi

P   (Back to the TOP)

Dennis Boxel wearing a shubara 1970 Player Reviews for Dancing   By John M. Clement
Polish Dance Steps and Terms   By Morley Leyton
Pontian Music and Dance   By Dennis Boxell
Power of Negative Dancing   By Lou Pechi
Prayer for Tourists   Courtesy of Rae Tauber

Q   (Back to the TOP)

R   (Back to the TOP)

Richard Duree Real vs. Cheorographed Folk Dances   By Richard Duree
Recreation in Folk Dancing   By Ron Houston
Removing Clicks in Your Music   By John M. Clement
Right and Left   By Lou Pechi
Romania's Căluşarii   By Richard Duree
Round Dance Glossary   By Lambert Knox

S   (Back to the TOP)

Vonnie Brown Scandinavian Dance Differences   By Stefanie Holzman
Scottish Country Dancing   By Marianne Taylor
Scottish Step Dancing   By Camrin MacKnight
Set Dances of Ireland   By Danny Hathaway
Significance of Dance in the Greek Way of Life   By Athan Karras
Slovak Folk Dances   By Vonnie Brown
Smile!   By Dick Oakes
So You Want to Start a Dance Class   By Loui Tucker
Social Dances fo the Ragtime Era   By Richard Powers
Some Thoughts on Experienced Dancers   By Chris Kermiet
Sounding the Hearthstone   By Danny Hathaway
Source Book for Ethnic and Vintage Dance Teachers   By Richard Duree
Square Dance Shorthand   By Jack McKay
Starting Dances   By Lou Pechi
Statewide: 42 Years and Counting   By Larry Getchell
Style in Square Dancing   By Jerry Helt
Styles of Appalachian Clog Dance   By Jerry Helt
Suggestions for International Folk Dance Programmers   By Dick Oakes
Survival or Extinction   By Dr. Anthony Shay
Swedish Dance   By Gordon Tracie

Richard Powers T   (Back to the TOP)

Tango Family Tree   By Richard Powers
Teaching Folk Dance   By Dick Oakes
Teaching Greek Folk Dances   By Athan Karras
Ten Commandments for Folk Dancers   By Jack Goldberg
Ten Commandments for Travelers   Courtesy of Rae Tauber
Tennis Shoes   By Lou Pechi
The Intersection: Beginnings   By Dick Oakes
The Intersection: I Remember   By Paul Sheldon
The Intersection   By Athan Karras
The Intersection: A Look Back   By Athan Karras
The Intersection: The End of an Era   By Athan Karras
The Intersection: Farewell   By Athan Karras
They Never Tried   By Lou Pechi
Three Kinds of Teachers: Which Shall We Follow?   By Sarah Gertrude Knott
Tips for New Dancers   By Loui Tucker
Traditional American Community Dance   By Chris Kermiet
Travel in Safety   By Richard Duree
Traveling Russia and the Balkan States   By Chris Tubutis
Two-Sex Dancer   By Patricia Batt
Types of Israeli Non-Partner Dances   By Loui Tucker

Dick Oakes 2007 U   (Back to the TOP)

Ukrainian Dance Terms   By Dick Oakes

Dick Oakes 2007 V   (Back to the TOP)

Values of Greek Dance in Our Society Today   By Athan Karras
Viennese Waltz   By Walter Grothe
Vlach Dances from the Village of Osnić   By Steve Kotansky

W   (Back to the TOP)

Anthony Shay Wallflower Phenomenon   By Michel Breger
Waltz, One Step, and Tango Partnering Tips   By Richard Powers
What is Authenticity in Folk Dance?   By Dr. Anthony Shay
What is Folk/Ethnic Dance?   By Richard Duree
What's in a Name?   By Vyts Beliajus
What's Your Element?   By Richard Treitel
When Serbians Dance   By Dennis Boxell
Why, Some of My Favorite Dances are Choreographed!   By Loui Tucker
Why Folk Dancing?   By Vyts Beliajus
Why So Many Greeks Dance Today   By Athan Karras
Writing Folk Dance Descriptions   By Dick Oakes

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Y   (Back to the TOP)

Dennis Boxel wearing a shubara 1970 Yaqui Easter   By Richard Duree
Yianitsari and Boules of Naoussa   By Dennis Boxell

Z   (Back to the TOP)

Richard Unciano Zagorisios   By Richard Unciano
Zorba's Dance   From GEO Finland

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