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We are presenting a public display of dances in a public setting. There is no teaching on the videos.

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Ta Potresena Laguna 1997  
Ta Tria Statewide 1991  
Takanata Hess Kramer 2007  
Tánce Lubelski Hess Kramer 1999  
Tango Argentino Statewide 2002  
Tango Mixer Laguna 2010  
Tango Simple Mixer Hess Kramer 2009  
Taniec Wielki Hess Kramer 2008  
Targovskoto Hess Kramer 2017  
Te Aven Baxtale Hess Kramer 2007  
Techot Rechka Hess Kramer 2008  
Temaniyada Hess Kramer 2001  
Tennessee Waltz Hess Kramer 2003  
Tervelska Rŭka (Tervelska Râka) Hess Kramer 2004  
Teškata Maško Laguna 2002  
Teško Kavadrsko Oro Laguna 2003  
Tesko Valesko Hess Kramer 1997  
Three's a Crowd Hess Kramer 1997  
Tocul Santa Barbara Symposium 1992  
Tokyo Polka Hess Kramer 2011  
Tomzara Zuikov Sharkov Santa Barbara Symposium 1993  
Topansk Oro Santa Barbara Symposium 1992  
Tora Hess Kramer 1995  
Tourner a Trois Hess Kramer 2011  
Tournijaïre, La Laguna 1998  
Trabzoni Bar Hess Kramer 2003  
Tri Godini Kate Hess Kramer 2011  
Triandafilla Laguna 1997  
Trip to Crinan Hess Kramer 2017  
Triplet Gallop Quadrille Statewide 2002  
Triplon Kotchari Laguna 1997  
Trite Pŭti Santa Barbara Symposium 1993  
Triti Pŭti Buenek Hess Kramer 2011  
Trójce SoCal Folklore  
Tropanka San Diego Folk Dance Conference 1982  
Tropansko Oro Laguna 1999  
Tropotica de la Balți Hess Kramer 2003  
Tsirigotikos Laguna 2007  
Tsirigotikos (Cycades version) Laguna 2007  
Turning by Threes Statewide 2017  
Two Cousins, The Laguna 2007  
Tyrolian Mixer Hess Kramer 1999  
Tzipor K'tana Hess Kramer 2003  
Tzipor Nodedet Hess Kramer 2004  
Tzoord Ashoon Santa Barbara Symposium 1992