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'Wie Scheen Bisch Du French  
Walc Kurpiowska Puszcza Zielona Polish  
Walc Mazurek Violetta Polish-American  
Walc Rzeszowski Polish  
Walc Sadezki Polish  
Walc Weselny Polish  
Walczyk Lubelski Polish    
Walhansl Steirischer Austrian  
Walpole Cottage English  
Waltz International          
Waltz Country Dance Scottish  
Waltz Shadow Figures American  
Waltz Together American  
Waltz Variations American  
Waltztime American  
Walzer Mazurka German  
Wandering Waltz Contra English  
Warszawianka Polish  
Washington's Quickstep American  
Waters of Holland English  
Wattentaler Masolka Austrian    
Waverly Scottish  
Waves of Tory English  
Wechselpolka International      
Weggis Swiss  
Weili Weili Bedouinian  
Well Done Jack English  
Well Hall English  
Welser Boarischer Austrian  
Wesoly Wacuá Polish  
West's Hornpipe Scottish  
Western Barndance American  
Wetrojnik Polish  
What's Buzzin American  
Wheel Around American  
Wheelbarrow Contra American  
Whigmaleeries Scottish  
White Cockade Scottish  
White Heather Jig Scottish  
Who's on First? American  
Wienerekryss fra Hardanger Norwegian  
Wierny Chiopak Oberek Polish  
Wild Geese Scottish  
Willow Tree English  
Windmill Quadrille American    
Windmüller German  
Windsor Waltz American  
Winneweh, Kreuz und Quer German  
Winter Dreams English  
Wiwat Karolinka Polish  
Wolgaster German  
Wood Duck English  
Wrangler's Two-Step American  
Wrth Fynd Efo i Dywn Welsh  
Wyka Polish  
Wyresdale Greensleeves English