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1/2 a Bear American  
3/4 Quadrille American  
1-Step Mixer (Paul Jones) American  
2 Cousins, The English  
2 Stars in the Night American  
2-Hand Jig Irish  
2-Hand Reel Irish  
2-Ply Contra American  
3-Hand Fling Irish  
3 Ducklings in the Yard Dutch  
3 Sea Captains, The English  
3-Hand Fling Irish  
4 Gents Star American  
4-Couple Traveler American  
5-Foot Two American      
4-Hand Polka American  
5-Foot Two American      
5-Step Polka American  
5-Step Waltz American  
7 Jumps Danish    
8-Count Special American  
8 Men of Moidart, The Scottish  
10 Pretty Girls American  
10-Step Polka American    
11th of June, The Scottish  
12 Coates Crescent Scottish  
12th Street Rag American  
1314 Scottish      
1914 Tango Argentino Argentine  
19th Century Waltz Vintage  

Dance Finder
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