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Statewide: 42 Years and Counting

By Larry Getchel



Statewide Program 1982 I have in my hands a program from Concord, the 37th Annual Statewide Festival, "Concord de Elegance." Would I could say I enjoyed this grand affair but alas, it's the one break in my continuous attendance at Statwide. I confess to traveling through England, Scotland, Wales, and Sweden while you all were having a great time, living it up in Contra Costa's jewel city, Concord. The headquarters Concord Inn is a stately place--I know it well and am sure they treated you elegantly.

As I read from the program, the Warm-up Party took place at Ignacio Valley High School, Friday night, as did the Institute Saturday, and the Festival Saturday night. The Sunday Installation Brunch at the Concord Inn was chaired by Charlotte Bossert and Ino Monti, with Frank Kane as MC. Frank Bacher, North, and Dave Slater, South, graciously accepted their Past President's pins.

The Sunday afternoon Concert, according to my program, was produced and directed by Burt Sholin, ably assisted by Millie von Konsky, and narrated by Ernie Dresher. There were eleven exhibitions, representing various nations, and a Finale with all groups participating. Must have been a great show.

Monday's Picnic and Barbecue was held in Northgate Community Park. A fitting close to what must have been a great weekend.

One should always recognize as many of the hard-working Committee members as possible. Some who have not already been acknowledged are: Co-Chairpersons, Phyllis Olson and Burt Sholin; Program, Hugo Presnall; Program Cover, Frank Kane; Institute, Bill Clark; Masters of Ceremonies, Bruce Wyckoff; Suare Callers, Bill D'Alvy; Publicity, Grace Nichols; Hospitality, Dolly Barnes; Sound, Frank Bacher and Bill D'Alvy; and all the others mentioned in the program. And a special nod to Frank Kane for designing that beautiful front cover. Thanks Frank.