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Statewide: 42 Years and Counting

By Larry Getchel



Statewide Program 1978 Federation President, Raymond Olson and his Statewide Chairperson, Phyllis Olson, both in the Festival Program joined in welcoming all folk dancers to Oakland for the 33rd Annual Statewide Festival, May 26, 27, 28, and 29, a "Greek Odyssey." Oakland Mayor, Lionel Wilson, joins them and calls attention to the many places of interest you should visit while here.

We suggest you first visit the headquarters hotel and see Dolly Barnes and her helpers, register, and then waste no time attending the first scheduled event. All dancing will be in the large Oakland Civic Auditorium so, if possible, start with the Warm-Up Party Friday night, then the Institute Saturday afternoon, and the Festival Programs Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night. Enjoy both the dancing and the exhibitions. There are after parties and a Kolo Hour prior to the Saturday night Festival.

The Installation Brunch will take place in the Auditorium Ballroom Sunday morning with Ernie Dresher both Chairperson and MC. Why not--he's the best in the business--well, one of the best--pardon Frank Kane.

President Ed Feldman of the South and President Raymond Olson of the North did the installing, then both meekly allowed the two respective incoming presidents Dorothy Daw, South, and Bruce Wykoff, North, attach the Past President's pins. Ouch!

As a little side play to the Opening Party Friday night, there are several girls from the South who for a diversion like a little ballroom dancing and had heard about Oakland's fabulous Ala Baba Ballroom. Knowing I do a bit of ballroom teaching, they butonholed me and how could I refuse their request to escort them to Ala Baba. My MCing of the third section over, we drove to the ballroom and there discovered a couple more of our gals. For the first half-hour I tried to keep them busy but was spreading myself a little thin until I spotted a couple of friends, fine dancers, and they gave me a hand. We had a good time.

The final event of the Program, the Picnic in Joaquin Miller Park, was well attended and the barbeque chicken hit the spot. Some of the folks still had strength left to dance a few numbers.

Thanks Oakland and thank you Committee members. Some who contributed and not previously mentioned are: Registration, Walt and Vi Dexheimer; Hospitality Chairperson, Dolly Barnes; Decorations, Elaine Skiathas; Exhibitions, Millie von Konsky; Institute, Frank Bacher; Program Recording, Frank Bacher, Norman Ollerich, and Bill D'Alvy; Square Dance Callers, Stan Valentine; After Parties, Edith Cuthbert Jr.; and all the others.

The cover of the program was designed by Hilda Sachs.