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Statewide: 42 Years and Counting

By Larry Getchel



Statewide Program 1965 The honor of hosting Annual Statewide Festival number 20 fell to San Diego and they have shown in the past that they are qualified, so we all expect another great time in San Diego, May 28, 29, 30, and 31, 1965.

Our headquarters was the beautiful El Cortez Hotel, where the After Parties and the Balkan dancing took place. The Don room was used for the Kolo Parties and the Cotillion Room for the general dancing. They also reserved the El Cortez Century Room for the Institute and the Cotillion Room for the Installation Brunch.

A short distance from the hotel is the new San Diego Convention Center which offers a perfect hall for dancing, and the Community Concourse, which was just great for our Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon dance parties.

The Saturday night Concert, titled "Symphony of Dance," was held in the Civic Theatre, a part of the Community Concourse. Concerts, not withstanding the fancy titles they are given, are becoming one of the most popular events at Statewide. The General Co-Chairpersons for all events were Alice Hauserman and Vivian Woll, but in charge of the Concert was Elizabeth Ullrich.

Of course, always playing an important part in organizing a Satewide is the president, in this instance, Liesl Barnett. Ned Gault, president of the North, also was available to give a helping hand.

There was one additonal Festival event, the Costume Showcase, that took place Sunday afternoon. It was a real fashion show of folk dance costumes. The narrator, Nate Moore, was in good voice as usual.

Monday was get-away day for some, but for those who stayed the general dancing in the afternoon moved out to Vacation Village in Mission Bay Park.

A footnote will show that music for the Balkan dancing Saturday night at the After Party was provided by the Hajduk Tamburitza Orchestra. And thanks, too, to all those unmentioned Comittee members, callers, and MCs. You were also good!